Latest change: January 2011


Basic skills
Skill domain Trained by Self assessment Improvement ideas
Dutch language Life in my mother country. I care for spelling without mistakes and it's hard to notice that mistakes are accepted more and more easily. At the same time I understand that language is a living thing, that cannot be regulated from behind a desk.
See my weblog weblog.
My reading, writing and speaking ability in Dutch is sufficient. During intense vocal exchanges it occurs that my thoughts run away from my speech. Read more Dutch literature. It's been too long.
English, French, German, Spanish, Kikaonde, Mandarin, Bahasa Indonesia, Thai. Beside education at school I worked and lived in Zambia which improved my English. I read mostly English books, fiction and non-fiction. I didn't have the "television training" that most young people have, watching American soaps. School and travelling taught me the other languages, which I speak only limited. Engels: OK, exept for the accent.
Frans: read, speak, write.
Duits: read, speak, write with a lot of grammatical mistakes.
Spaans: Read and speak a little.
Other: "Good morning", "How is your family", "The food was nice", "Thanks" and "Bye".
Italian! Primarily by moving there!
Planning Managing a team of 25 people.
As a single dad with two small kids and a job.
Setting priorities is no problem, keeping them is a little more difficult. Planning is management of expectations.
Use of scientific sources
Skill domain Trained by Self assessment Improvement ideas
Inventarisation of information and literature Getting my bachelor degree
Work as consultant and projectmanager in ICT projects.
Documenting skills could improve. Learn to work more systematically.
Consult experts Getting my bachelor degree
Work as consultant and projectmanager in ICT projects.
This is getting better. I have the tendecny to think that I have to know and do all by myself. Keep doing it. Cooperation is so much more valuable.
Make scientific references Not too much experience with this. It's a must and not complicated. No problem. Boring, though. I'll do it when necessary.
Think and communicate on an academic level
Skill domain Trained by Self assessment Improvement ideas
Read and analyse an article Innumerable times I can do this. No improvement necessary.
Make abstracts Often, in many situations. No problem. No improvement necessary.
Write an article I did write a lot of policy documents as a manager, but not so many scientific papers. I can do this, but I don't like it too much. To get everything on paper that is already in my head seems an agonizingly slow process. This is the way to go in science world.
Give a presentation In my job, countless times. For collegues, customers, bosses, strangers, project teammembers. It's sufficient, but could be more 'swinging'. I have come a long way from the stammering boy with the tomato head. More relaxed. more entertaining.
Critical listening during seminars Attended quite a few. I can get the gist of most of them. No problems here.
Logical reasoning, discussion I wouldn't have survived as an IT-manager if I couldn't. I'm analytical and judicial. I don't like it when people use emotional arguments in a logical debate. I think emotional arguments are very valuable, but they should be recognized as being emotional.
I find it even more difficult that charismatic people get more attention, although their arguments might not be very good.
Present my arguments in a pleasant way, without being condescending.
Social-organising skills
Skill domain Trained by Self assessment Improvement ideas
Cooperate Work in project teams, management boards, commissions and volunteer organisations Cooperating is no problem. I don't like formality and meetings can be a very inefficient way of communication, so I try to avoid them. I'm not in the best spot under a dominant leader. Listen more carefully to views opposing mine.
Keep deadlines Deadlines hinder me in reaching the quality I would like to deliver, but they do make you focus and stimulate creativity and flexibility. I can handle them, although I don't like the stress involved. The focus and flexibility it generates can be a good experience. Try to avoid deadlines by finishing early.
Project organization I worked in a lot of (IT) projects, both as participant and manager. I know how to handle methods, techniques and skills for managing projects and my projects deliver on time with sufficient quality. More attention to adminsitration and communication.
Specific skills
Skill domain Trained by Self assessment Improvement ideas
Write an essay Philosophy of science: on reality and interfaces (pdf in Dutch); Philosophy of language: on intersubjectivity (pdf in Dutch); I like to do it and the results are sufficient. More pratice, to make it more natural and easy to do.
Computer programming I programmed from 1987 until now in Algol (What?), PL1 (Euhh..), Cobol (right), RPGII (Huh?), dBase (Wait a minute...), Clipper (?), Paradox (?!), Pascal, Cold Fusion, Delphi, Perl, Php, Oracle, JBuilder, Javascript, Java, Haskell, Ruby en Prolog.
Frameworks: Ruby on Rails, CakePhp
CMS: Joomla, Textpattern, Wordpress, Drupal
I used the databases from dBase, Oracle, Interbase, Paradox, SQLserver, Mysql en Postgresql.
Other computerskills: see CV.
Not fluent in everything anymore, but a refresher course is all it takes. Learn to program really well :)
Mathematical reasoning / formal logic In al my studies I get by, but I'm not a natural at this. "Get" formal logic, instead of knowing how to do it. If you know what I mean.
Statistics In all my studies. Sufficient. Bit rusty, needs some refreshing.
Analysis and interpretatione of a philosophical text The philosophy classes I took. Good, no problems. Learn to live with questions instead of answers.